Who We are

David Shaffer, the founder and the creator of the Fibracell reed, was originally a school music teacher who desperately wanted to find a viable option to cane reeds for the children who wanted to learn how to play a reed instrument.

He loved being a school band teacher. What Dave didn’t like, however, was that day after day he saw these same children struggle endlessly with their cane reeds. He felt that it was so counterproductive and a huge waste of time, both theirs and his. 

So after 15 years of teaching Dave set out to change that situation and many years later he finally did it with the FIBRACELL reed.

Dave’s discoveries and his final creation of the FIBRACELL reed has quite literally changed the lives of thousands upon thousands of reed players around the world…forever.

The MIRI Corporation continues to build on Dave’s huge legacy and his contribution to the music world. We always strive to maintain his attention to detail and the product quality he insisted upon.

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Our Purpose

To manufacture the most cane like synthetic composite woodwind reeds made anywhere and to make them available to reed players everywhere.

For over 25 years Fibracell has been the leader in tone, timber, and performance quality of any synthetic composite woodwind reeds sold.